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You’re Invited to: Salutation Nation!

Atlanta Salutation NationWho:

You and every yogi in the country.  Everyone is welcome to come flow and om with the lululemon educators and class teachers Isabelle Casey, Lori Gualtieri and Karen Dorfman. There’s no cost to participate, just an hour of your time!


Salutation Nation is a global gathering of yoga students and teachers  who will roll out their mats in the great outdoors and share an all-levels hour-long yoga class, no bells and whistles, just yoga. Each city with a lululemon athletica store will start at 9:00 AM their time, meaning there will be a full day of uninterrupted yoga throughout the world.  The theme is the “neverending om,” and will focus part of its practice on meditation.


Saturday, September 10 at 9:00 AM


Oak Hill, Piedmont Park


You thought Wanderlust was big—this is a yoga class for the WORLD!

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