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7 Predictions for Yoga’s Future in Atlanta

If there’s one thing we know it’s that change is inevitable. But hey, not all change is bad! In fact, I think a lot of the changes coming to us will be beneficial for all of us; studios, teachers, and students.

In this post, I’ve come up with 7 ways in which the Atlanta yoga scene will change over the next 3-5 years. Why? Because predictions are fun, and can help prepare us for what’s to come. Hopefully these ideas will stir up some thoughts of your own, that I’d love to hear in the comments section below!

  1. More Yoga Studios: Within the next couple of years, the number of yoga studios in Atlanta is going to skyrocket. Right now, many studios are growing at a very healthy rate, which will likely lead to enterprising young yoga teachers to branch off and start their own studios. Also, the big guns like YogaWorks and CorePower haven’t made it out here yet, but I am sure they’ll be coming as we keep growing.
  2. More Styles: While I’d argue every single studio in Atlanta has their own vibe, their own focuses and their own style, we still have room for the likes of Jivamukti Yoga, Baron Baptiste Power Yoga, Forrest style, Viniyoga, Moksha, and Sivananda.
  3. Advanced classes: Almost every yoga studio here offers basic to intermediate classes, but I think there’s room for growth in the number of advanced classes, already present in places like Red Hot Yoga and Exhale. We, as Atlanta yogis, are getting better at our practice, and studios are starting to see how to make classes that grow with us. Chin stands anyone?
  4. Boom in Private Training: 350 yoga teachers graduate from programs each year in Atlanta, and, in order to make the best of their ~$2,500 investment without getting a studio job–there are only 54 studios on the AYS Directory, after all–many will seek to teach privately. (P.S.: If you need help in this area, I’ve got a background in small business coaching and can give you the tools to do this!)
  5. Services, Lots of Them: Yoga studios, to maintain their uniqueness, will likely start offering other mind-body services like massage, Reiki, acupunture, reflexology and more. Also be on the lookout for weight loss programs, cleanses and stress management classes.
  6. Workshops that Travel to Us: It’s no surprise that many workshops are traveling to the sunny beaches of Florida and California, and other more, um, Liberal, areas of the country. Soon, however, national teachers won’t be able to avoid the burgeoning contingency of the South. Balance Yoga and Ember Yoga are already on the track of bringing national (and international!) yogis to our fine city. Be on the look out for more!
  7. New Demographics: With GroundedKids already in Atlanta, we’ve got one new demographic sweeping studios, but also to come will be more classes for men, athletes, seniors, teens and Spanish-speaking individuals.

So now, what do you think? Where do you think yoga is headed in Atlanta? Do you agree with my predictions? Disagree? Tell me more!

9 Responses to “7 Predictions for Yoga’s Future in Atlanta”

  1. Hi Leah,

    Love the blog post. I am excited to see Atlanta grow and just moving from a big yoga market, Chicago, I am enjoying getting to practice at new studios. You mentioned having tips to expanding small business and I would love to hear them. I moved at the beginning of Nov. and looking to start teaching classes and privates asap.

    Thanks!!! Jackie

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  3. Mary says:

    Atlanta viniyoga = Pierce Yoga Program 🙂

    With so many gyms in Atlanta, there are also yoga classes to be had outside the studio. As with the studio classes, some are better than others. Some are really good. All have something to teach.

  4. Lucy says:

    The studio I trained with in Seattle also had ASL (American Sign Language) yoga and yoga for stroke survivors taught by a stroke survivor- there is so much yoga-licious ground to cover!

  5. Kristen says:

    Sounds like an exciting future!!

  6. This is a great post! I love the idea of having more advanced yoga classes throughout the city!!!

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