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Living Life In The Body, by Wendy Harrold

When we come from a place of “will”, the mind is in control of the body. There is a time and a place for “will.” But, when we move through life from this place, we become a slave to the mind and the body suffers. Physiologically, the body responds to the mind (our thoughts) and our emotions. So, if they’re always “willfull” thoughts, what do you think is happening inside of us. Today, we call this STRESS! The affects of stress are causing 7 of the 10 diseases killing our

“Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as bird wings.” — Rumi

There is alot of information available on how many thoughts we have per day. You will see it range from 2,500 – 3,500 OR 20,000 or 70,000. No matter what the #, 90% of our thoughts are spent on thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. Pretty limiting don’t you think?

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Depending on what happened to you yesterday OR what’s “planned” for tomorrow (neither of which we have any control over), your mind is replaying scenarios based on your experiences of life to date, your idealistic and moralistic beliefs, your economic and socioeconomic background
and much more.

When the mind is controlling the body, we are restricting the flow of Prana that exists in all beings. Accessing prana allows the inner, innate wisdom of the body to prioritize your needs. Prana is our life force energy. Prana is the energy that allows the human body/mind to communicate and operate in the world. Prana is also a vibration. Everything vibrates…so Prana is everything and everywhere…it is our animating force, the fabric of our existence.

Prana, by Raina Gentry

Prana, by Raina Gentry

To a large degree, humans have forgotten how to access prana. Prana is accessed through our environment. particularly air, food, water and sun. Prana is mainly accessed by breath which is why we place an emphasis on Pranayama and developing a breathing practice for yourself.

We believe in reversing the role to a “body OVER mind” relationship with Self. The practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation “embody” us, cultivating peace within & around ourselves.

Wendy HarroldWendy is the co-owner and Director of Center For Whole Self Health, in Wilmington, DE, and Co-owner and Director of Marketing for My Zen Home. Wendy has over 10 years within the Health & Wellness industry. Wendy’s background in Corporate America in the financial industry lends itself to understanding the demands and stresses of this environment.  Her passion for living well combined with her background in business affords our clients wisdom with their wellness initiatives.




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