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4 Facts For NOT Losing Weight, by Eli English, ND

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Every new year signals bigger and healthier self care goals- weight loss being one of them. By the time the year ends, our systems are sluggish from falling off the health wagon, especially during the holidays. Eli English, ND and owner of The Herb Shop By The Square, shares tips on weight loss. Please leave your comments and questions for Eli below.

Happy New Year!


There is more to weight loss than just taking diet pills and appetite suppressants. There are 4 main factors that can cause people to have trouble losing weight that most people are unaware of:

1) pH – ACIDS AWAY!: Pounds Away! You may not be overweight…you may be over-acid! When the body is too acidic it will do two things: store fat around the organs to protect them from the acidity, and pull calcium from the bones to help buffer the acidic state. Our bodies work best at a neutral pH = 6.5. Above 7 is alkaline and below 7 is acidic. Being acidic usually means there is a lack of raw green foods in the diet. The following combination of alkalizing products has helped many people to remove acids and lose significant amounts of weight: green smoothies, Ionic Minerals, Liquid Chlorophyll, Coral Calcium, Enzymes, and Noni Juice.
People will have trouble losing weight if their pH is too acidic. Source

2) CONSTIPATION: Yes, I know you insist that you eliminate once every day “right on schedule.” But consider that you are eating at least three times a day and that each meal produces waste products and fiber that should be eliminated the same number of times. Perhaps you have the opposite problem: diarrhea. Diarrhea is the worst form of constipation! With diarrhea, the body liquefies the waste in a desperate attempt to move it through a congested bowel. Diarrhea is a sure sign of constipation! When elimination is incomplete, toxic material is often absorbed into the liver. While the liver is equipped to handle some toxic material, the amount arriving from a toxic bowel puts it on overload. Bile flow decreases, poor digestion results, and we decide the “indigestion” must be something we will have to live with. A real clue as to whether this might be your problem is to evaluate whether or not you have a “pot-belly.” A pot-belly can be an indicator of incomplete elimination and poor liver function. The solution – CLEANSE!: Find a good herbal cleanse with fiber and detoxifying herbs to flush out the toxins. Source

3) EAT FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE: Get the book “Live Right for your Blood Type” – 100% compliance with the blood type diet is recommended in order to lose weight. Eating foods that are not right for your type will cause your body to have trouble letting go of fat. When you eat those foods that are an “avoid” for your blood type, you will feel bloated, water retention and tired. Source

4) HORMONES: We are plagued with estrogen mimics (plastics, pesticides, hormones in meats, etc) that act like estrogen in our body. PMS and Menopausal symptoms indicate estrogen dominance. Specific symptoms of estrogen dominance include increased body fat, salt/fluid retention, and blood sugar imbalance causing abnormal hunger. Natural Progesterone cream made from Wild Yam can help counteract this estrogen dominance. Source

The Herb Shop By The Square

Use a good quality multi vitamin (acetate and palmitate free).
Thirst & hunger disappear when the body gets the nutrients it needs.


1) To reduce general appetite: Garcinia, Chickweed, 5HTP or Spirulina

2) Boost Metabolism: 7 Keto, Garcinia, and CLA.

3) Thyroid Function: If sluggish, few calories are burned: Selenium, Kelp, Black Walnut or 7 Keto

4) Cravings and Emotional Eating Support:
– Balance blood sugar & Feed Adrenals: Licorice Root, Adrenal Support, Chromium, or Spirulina.

– Protein: Eat 3 servings of protein the size of the palm of your hand, 3x a day. Using enough protein                   will help you lose weight – need 40% of your calorie count to be protein. Meat is not necessarily the
way to get your protein. Spirulina is an excellent source. Sugar cravings can occur due to insufficient
protein in the diet.

– Reduce desire for carbs and sugar: 5HTP or add Licorice Root mid-afternoon as needed

5) Burn up fat and Cellulite:
– L-Carnitine

– CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid- naturally occurring substance that reduces fat by interfering with the
fat storage process.

6) Insulin Resistance or Syndrome X: Years of eating processed foods (white flour, white sugar and bad
fats) break down the cell receptors so nothing can be taken in by the cells – causing weight gain.

– Get off processed foods!!

– Rebuild the cell wall: Noni and Omega 3, CLA or Flax Seed

– Cleanse – see #2 above

7) Build muscle and reduce fat: Take before workouts to improve muscle performance and results

– Energy – Cordyceps, Maca or Ginseng

– Build Muscle – Amino Acids, Pea Protein, Sarsaparilla or Korean Ginseng

The Herb Shop By The Square

These and other fine products are available through Nature’s Sunshine Products. The purpose of this information is not to prescribe or diagnose; only to offer information about what has been effective and helpful to others and to assist you in cooperating with your doctor in your health building program. In the event that you use this information without your doctor’s approval, you are prescribing for yourself which is your right, but your supplier assumes no responsibility.

Eli EnglishHealing can occur naturally in the body if it is given what it truly needs. Eli English is a Certified Naturopath Coach and owner of The Herb Shop By The Square in Marietta, Georgia. She uses homeopathy, herbs and biofeedback to help reduce stress, detoxify, manage pain, improve mental abilities and enhance the quality of life. Eli English’s goal is to empower through coaching so you can make informed decisions about your own life and health care.  The level of attention, personalization and passion for natural health that Eli provides is unlike any other. More information about Eli English here.

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