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Veda Yoga Studio Grand Opening!, by Isabelle Casey

We have yet another new addition to the yoga community… Please welcome the newest studio to the Atlanta Community, Veda Yoga Studio. This new shala is led by community lover, yoga community darling, and inspirational yoga instructor, Becky Cawood. Becky is a dear friend of mine. She was one of the first yogis  I met when I moved to Georgia from Seattle. When I was getting a grasp on my new community, I crossed paths with her in her yoga class. It felt like a warm hug. Becky’s sincere demeanor and passion exude. She brings a softness to class by  her attention to students. From that point on, our conversations were always about the yoga community, sharing goals and personal visions, and learning about each other’s interests. She’s a yogi, entrepreneur- owner of Cawood’s Nutty Butter, and crossfitter. (I worked out with her before. Oh man is she strong and oh how she whooped me!) She’s the real deal and I’m so proud of her for moving forward and elevating the yoga community! Here’s some more info on Becky and Veda Yoga…

Yoga finds everyone at different stages of life. For Becky, it was in 2005. She found herself stressed out and distraught. She broke off an engagement, started over in a new city, and was trying to figure out who she was. Yoga took Becky on quite a journey; revealing who she really is – both on and off the mat. She rapidly became hooked on her regular practice, quickly discovering personal growth in self-discipline, humility, self-acceptance, patience and letting go. Becky shares her own personal experience as to how “…yoga has impacted my life so much that I could not imagine one day without it, which brings me here, teaching and sharing all the goodness yoga has to offer. To me, yoga is the essence of our being- always flowing, healing, changing and discovering.”  She truly believes in a raw, centered, and more balanced life. She found that through yoga and her practice, she is able to seek that.

Becky Cawood handstanding

By staying so involved, she had the opportunity to teach yoga classes at Crossfit Indulto every other Sunday.  The class started to grow and not before long, it became a weekly event.  This weekly “gym” yoga has now turned into her dream to open a brand new yoga studio, Veda Yoga, in Sandy Springs and she could not be more excited!

CrossFit Indulto

Yoga with Becky at CrossFit Indulto

Starting this weekend, August 2-4th, Veda Yoga will officially open and offer FREE yoga all weekend long! Each “mini” class will be 45 minutes and will give you a taste of every style of yoga that Veda offers. Please invite your friends and family, to welcome Veda Yoga to the Atlanta community.  All are welcome!

Veda Yoga

Before & after of Veda Yoga

Off of the mat, Becky is a crossfitting-yogi, enjoys traveling with her hubby, Andrew, shopping farmers markets, reading good books, cooking, and making coconut almond butter. The key to her heart is through chai lattes, fresh green juices, and homemade chocolate chip cookies(Gluten-Free of course!). Her background in competitive gymnastics and Division I Track and Field still live deep in her heart. Whether it’s doing a road race, a Triathlon, a CrossFit competition, or volunteering her time in local events, she loves immersing herself within the community.

Becky Cawood

photo by Carlos Tapia

Aside from opening Veda Yoga, Becky is currently an Ambassador for lululemon athletica’s Shops Around Lenox Location. She has a 200hr Yoga Alliance Certification and a passion for teaching all levels of students, guiding each one to find their own path. To learn more about Veda Yoga please go to Be sure to sign up online to reserve your spot!

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  1. Mimi Kippes says:

    SOO proud of my sister, Becky Cawood – loved reading this!!!

  2. Becky Cawood says:

    Love this Is! Thanks for reaching out to support Veda! I can’t wait for you to see it in person xo

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