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A Yogi’s Call to Action

By Jude Johnson

No time in known history has an entire planet stood up in  unified protest. Beyond all the distracting surface issues, there is one very important point we can all agree upon.

“How we define ourselves as human beings must be expanded.”

There is no doubt that is going to happen. Yet, how we get there and how long it may take has everything to do with how we stay in our hearts despite the chaos, despite the anger, despite the fear.

In times of crisis, those of you who trust the technology of yoga know how personal practice can bring  the 7 types of muscles of the heart into a rhythmic coherence, shifting you into a non-judgmental, open-hearted, deep loving place. One coherent heart can uplift an entire room. 18 hearts in synchronous coherence can shift an entire protest movement towards an alignment with love rather than vengeance.

A coherent heart can speak volumes where words fall short. A group in collective coherence speaks with a voice that is exponentially more powerful than sum of its parts. The powerful voice of this group reaches the divine nature common in ALL of us. I believe it is critical we yogis contribute to the evolution, not by taking sides, but by vibrating at our highest frequency… unconditional love.

I was inspired in meditation with a powerful kriya cobra breath that achieves group coherence.  I had fellow yogis perform this breath synchronously, back to back in sacred geometry as shown below. I found that the nervous systems of my friends began to synchronize as well. The constant rhythm of the breaths also brought their brains into a collective entrainment. This essentially created one collective energetic body where all involved experienced a collective theta state. This cobra breath also has a mantra component that opens the heart creating a standing wave that brings everyone’s heart into a collective coherence… an experience like no other! From this collective heart we project the intention for universal consciousness. Thus was born Collective Heart Yoga.

Collective Heart Yoga is yoga as sacred activism. I call on all of you who see the current struggle as a part of a larger evolution of consciousness. Let’s come together and speak with our hearts… our combined hearts, with a voice that WILL be felt across the entire energetic grid.

If this resonates with you check out to find the next CHY event nearest you.

In service,

Jude R. Johnson, PhD

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  1. Connie says:

    I am so excited to experience Collective Heart Yoga in Atlanta this Wednesday the 16th at Jai Shanti – 8pm!!! The more people that are there… the more love we can share…

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