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Fashion Friday: Shorty Shorts…The Rise of the Inseam

Written by Donna Burke of Atlanta Activewear

Who wears short shorts? I do! I do!

Yes. The tight, short, oh-my-god-I-could-never-wear-those shorts

I have a love-hate relationship with my shorty shorts. Although they show off the biggest part of my body, they do something great for my bum and for my confidence. They are so comfortable, yet so unnerving. They frighten me on the hanger, but empower me when I have them on. It’s one piece of clothing I think everyone should buy and wear once a week. Yoga is a judge free zone, so why not?

They may all look the same on the tables and shelves in retail stores, but all fitness shorts come with different inseam lengths. Like trousers, but shorter. Here’s the skinny on how to purchase the right pair of fitness shorts:


Tonic Boyshort

1" Tonic Boyshort featured here

The 1” inseam is for the brave and eternally fit. These shorts cover no more than your underwear, but honestly if I had the legs, I would wear my underwear to hot yoga. These shorts are great for you ladies with little legs and tiny bottoms.

MPG Trixy Short

2.5" MPG Trixy Short

The 2.5” inseam is again for anyone with a little more of a booty and some legs. You get more coverage, but these will hit right at the middle of your inner thigh, a great length for your body type.

ROGIANI Florence band short

3" ROGIANI Florence band short

The 3” inseam is my personal go-to. This is by far the most popular length of fitness short. I personally find it too long on anyone shorter than 5’4”, which means they will ride up to that 2” sweet spot on you ladies. The 3” hits right below your inner thigh and grabs on to that smaller part of your leg. Great for anyone with a substantial bum and bigger legs, like me. Anyone with an inseam longer than 34”, this short will hit you at the middle of your inner thigh. If you have thin legs, perfect, if not, I would suggest the 4”.

Zobha Hot Short

4" Zobha Hot Short

The 4” inseam is one that I have tried in hope the length will give me more coverage, but the trouble is they creep up to that 3” spot. As I just mentioned, this length is great for anyone with substantial, long legs.

RESE Activewear Kelly Short

5" RESE Activewear Kelly Short featured here

The 5” inseam gives great coverage. This short will hit just above the middle of your thigh, great for ladies who are a little older and don’t think it is appropriate to run around in super short shorts, or for you younger gals who are trying to break into the fitness short world. These will stay in place because everyone’s middle thigh is thinner than their upper thigh, the mid thigh is a great anchor point.


So with summer coming to an end, take your freshly tanned legs and put them in some fitness shorts. Be careful, you just might learn to love them. Happy Fashion Friday! Tweet me @YogaInHeels and tell me what your wearing using #TodayImWearing!

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