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Top 10 Gratitude Lists, by the MYS Team

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the My Yoga Scene family is sharing what each of us is grateful for. We’re putting it out there in case we don’t say this enough to all of you who inspire us to keep truckin’ along the path. Thank you for all of your contributions, support, and patience as we grow and learn. We couldn’t do this without you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

Peace, love, & gratitude,

Isabelle, Matt, Meredith, & Michelle
The MYS family

Isabelle Casey

1. My family & friends: my immediate family; family & family spread all over the globe; my hubby- thanks for all your support in everything that I do. My fur children who are the best heaters at night, give the best smooches, & inspire me to be a better human.

2. Choice… what a luxury! I’m so f’n lucky to have this and don’t ever take it for granted.

3. My teachers: formally & those who don’t know it. You all reveal things in my life I admire and aspire to & expose qualities in life I needn’t enhance in my own. Thank you.

4. Failures, I mean opportunities. They keep me humble and continue to shed light on how to stay grounded.

5. My home: refuge, sanctuary, haven, personal yoga studio. Heaven.

6. Food & Farmers: Thank you for putting real, whole, organic foods on my plate. I think of you every time receive food, prepare, & nourish myself. Thank you for all your hard work.

7. My chiropractor, Dr. Mike & masseus team, Ranier & Reggie. You have magic hands!

8. Blend tec: You’re the bomb. I not only thank you, I’m on my knees bowing!

9. MacBook Air: No really. I love you. You make my life convenient and keep me connected to friends & opportunity not within reach.

10.  MYS dream team: For awhile it was just me navigating the MYS ship. I set some goals, reshaped my vision, & manifested my team would take shape. It did and I am so lucky! They are my friends and my colleagues. I love you guys! I couldn’t do this without you!

Isabelle & Tony

Isabelle & Tony

Matt Porter

1. My supportive wife and family

2. The animals in my life that love me unconditionally

3. My health

4. Yoga

5. Having some of the coolest friends in the world

6. The ability to connect with others and respect, even love them regardless of disagreement

7. My french press

8. Finding a voice and the confidence to use

9. The years spent traveling and gaining experiences

10. The potential to change

Matt, Sandefur, & Aspen

Matt, Sandefur, & Aspen

Meredith Hesse

1. My son.  He taught me the true meaning of love.

2. My family.  Even though they may drive me CRAZY at times, I would not have the amazing life that I have without them.

3. My friends.  I could go on and on about you all.  I LOVE you guys.  I have known some of you for years and some of you for a few months and you all bring such a richness to my life.  I learn so much from you all.  Thank you.

4. Oscar.  For those of you who know me, you know Oscar and he is number one.  He is my son’s godfather and my closest friend.  Without him I would be lost, truly lost, because I have no sense of direction.  He is the yin to my yang. Love you.

5.  Yoga, yoga, YOGA!

6.  My yoga community

7. The awesome studios I teach at, Atlanta Hot Yoga, you are my anchor studio, my first love and my home base; Ember Yoga, you are my community, my heart, I love you;  Evolation, I am so excited to be involved in the opening of such a dynamic studio, thank you for including me.

8. My passport

9.  My health

10.  Dtox, (you are so damn expensive, but so worth it!)

Meredith & BFF, Oscar

Meredith & BFF, Oscar

Michelle Young

1. My daughter. Since her existence I have felt the deepest expression of every human emotion…fear, overwhelming joy, pain, excitement,  and most importantly love. I know no love like that I have for her.

2. My family. That saying “it takes a village” could singlehandedly be demonstrated by my family.  Without them I’m lost. I owe the world to them…grateful is an understatement.  If someone could make up a word to express the entire universe’s ability to harness all gratitude…that’s what I have for my family.

3. My body. It is imperfect and flawed.  It is under constant scrutiny.  However, it functions and serves me well. I am thankful to have arms and legs and all the other working parts.

4. My mind. How easily we can take for granted something like our ability to reason.

5. My Friends. I’ve cut you out, limited interactions,  stopped communication,  been nice, been mean, forgot to call back, and yet you have all stood by me no matter what. That’s something to be grateful for. Infinitely.

6. Travel. This world is beautiful and miraculous.  I’ve seen more than most, but I have a long way to go.

7. My phone. Sad but true.

8. Yoga. I’m grateful that I found it 12 years ago. Thankful that I was encouraged to pursue it as a career. Lucky to own a studio and be involved with other great ones.  Inspired to continue growing within this community.

9. Inman Perk chai latte. I’ve searched far and wide…nothing compares…to you.

10. Contact lenses. You give a blind girl sight. You keep me from having constant nerd alerts in my glasses. Lose one without a back-up and you know the true meaning of being grateful.

Michelle & Shelby

Shelby & Michelle



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  1. Patty says:

    LOVE this!! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia – yet we live in a country that we have solo much to be thankful for, and personally, I start my day with so much gratitude for my blessings. Peace. Love.

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