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Drinks on Me! And Boost Joose Opening, By Meredith Hesse

It is always a happy day when I can sing the praises of one of my friends.  Colleen McCarthy RDN, LD, CLT and owner of  On Pointe Nutrition, is releasing her first book on juicing, Drinks on Me!, April 1st.  This comprehensive book offers detailed recipes, as well as easy to follow instructions, on how to get the best, most nutritious juices possible. Colleen is drawing from her own experience as a dietition, as well as a lover and consumer of high quality juices.  The book is laid out in an easy to read format, that even the most novice juicer could follow.  If you are looking for your first book on juicing, or just adding to your collection, I would recommend Drinks on Me!.  The book will be available on April 1st on:  Amazon, Kindle, iTunes (iBook), and Colleen’s website (if you purchase from the website, you will get the audio version as well as the ebook version.  The audio version is only available on the website).  To get you started on your juicing journey, Colleen was kind enought to provide a recipe for one of her newest combinations.  This is good for energy, detox, and seasonal allergies.  Packed with Vitamin C, K, A, batacarotene, folate, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Just Beet It Juice:DrinksOnMeCover

1 Orange

1 Pear

1 Red Apple (Pink Lady works best)

4 Carrots

6 Kale leaves

1 Golden Beet Root

1/2c. Raspberries

** Works best with organic produce.  Removing the skins and prepping the items as if you were going to eat them is best.  Consume right away or within 36 hours.

To go along with the release of her book Drinks on Me!, Colleen is also starting her own juice company Boost Joose.  This will also be coming the first week of April and the online menu will be available at  You can order up to 8 juices a week and juices can be customized to preferences and for medical needs for an additional fee.

An additional service that Boost Joose will offer, is a 30 minute consultation to discuss personal preferences, schedule, goals for juicing, etc.

I have tried a couple of juices from Boost Juice and they are amazing.

To inspire you on your juicing journey here’s a list of the benefits of juicing.

1.  Juicing increases your intake of fruits and vegetables.  That being said, juice should not replace whole fruits and vegetables in your diet.

2.  Juicing also increases the variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet.  You might have never thought to try kale in a salad, but add it to your juice and you’ve added a new vegetable to your repetoire.

3.  Increasing the amount of nutrients and phytochemicals in your diet by juicing can help protect against certain illnesses and diseases such as cardio vascular disease, various inflammatory diseases and some cancers.

4.  Nutrients and energy are increased on a cellular level.

5.  Valuable compounds like flavonoids and anthocyanins are abundant in various fruits and vegetables and can help guard against oxidative cellular damage, which comes from exposure to chemicals and pollution.CoreFourJoose_2014


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