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Five Problem Areas and How to Conceal Them

By Donna Burke from Atlanta Activewear

Happy Fashion Friday  & Labor Day Weekend!

We all have problem areas and after years of styling clients I have realized that most people share the same insecurities.  Let’s start from the top and go down, shall we?


Broad Shoulders:

This is something that we can’t work out to fix and honestly shouldn’t be seen as a problem area. If you can learn how to dress it, you can learn how to love it.  Anyone with broad shoulders should stay away from halter tops and bandeau tops for sure, these will make you look like Hines Ward.  Great styles for you ladies: scoop neck tanks, racerbacks that frame your nice wide back, and asymmetrical tops that create a cut off for your shoulders.  Perfect example, the Perry Tank by RESE Activewear. Scoop Neck tank that has an average sized racerback.

yoga tops Atlanta

Perry Tank

Big Boobs

Larger chested ladies seem to have issues finding tanks that fit their girls, but I can find you about 30 off the top of my head that will do everything (and then some) for you.  If you don’t want a wardrobe malfunction during down dog, I would suggest a higher cut top that has some color blocking around the top.  The color blocking will help to break up the size of your chest, while the covering of the cleavage will leave you looking classier.  If you are looking for support, I would suggest a tank with a wider racerback that can use your back to hold some of the impact.  The Grace Tank or Grace 2.0 by Zobha are great options for you girls.

stylish yoga clothes Atlanta

Grace 2.0 Tank

Zobha Atlanta

Grace by Zobha Tank

Little Boobs

Lucky for you ladies almost every designer has realized this is a major problem in the fitness industry, we can’t wear our push up bra to yoga after all.  If you are wearing your pushup bra, stop the madness.  There are plenty of tanks and bras that now come with built in, removable cups.  Say hello to your new best friend, the EVA bra by RESE pilates. Don’t like padded tanks or bras? No problem.  You want to create the illusion that there is more there, so look for tops with rushing and ruffles.  The Metro Top by ROGIANI is a great option as the rushing is adjustable.
Rogiani Atlanta
Metro Top by Rogiani

Buddha Belly

This is where most of us start to nod our heads, our sugar tummies from all those delicious $5 margaritas at Noche Virginia Highland.  A great way to conceal the tummy is to wear a tank that is fitted through the bust and ribcage but flairs a SMALL amount right at the top of our “love handle” area. We don’t want the bell shape, we want the shirt to skim over the problem area.  If the shirt bells out too far it creates a pregnancy look, the opposite of what we are going for. Option #2: Rushing through the tummy. The Aster Tank by Tonic is fantastic this season as is the Lizzie Tank from Zobha.

womens yoga clothes atlanta

Lizzie Tank by Zobha

Big Bottom

Say Hello to my problem area, the bootay.  This is fairly hard to conceal in yoga clothes but really depends on if you have a booty with wide hips or a booty with narrow hips.  Wide hips need to focus on wearing pants that are fitted through the butt and hips but fall straight down after that, like the Nova Pant from MPG Sport.  Narrow hips should wear pants that are fitted the whole way and flare at the bottom, like the Splits 59 Raquel Pant.  The butt can  not be concealed, but it can be balanced out.

Splits 59 Atlanta

Splits 59 Raquel Pant

So those are the 5 biggest problem areas and what I’ve learned over the years to minimize them. Have an area I didn’t mention and don’t know how to conceal? Tweet me @YogaInHeels or E-Mail me at

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