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Amy Brown & A Dream Revised, by Mario Trucillo

Life has a way of throwing things at us that we would never expect. Although these changes have the ability to form anxiety and depression, there are several ways we can learn to cope with them.

Amy Brown received a metal on metal hip replacement just over four years prior to pursing her dream of opening a yoga studio. After finding out she had a faulty device, a revision surgery to remove the device resulted in her having to close her studio after two and a half months. Amy’s road to recovery, physically and mentally, has been one of many lessons.  She continues to do yoga and cycle, as these two activities play a significant role in helping her cope through this recovery.

Amy Brown

Amy Brown

Amy’s story is one of inspiration. She is not sitting around waiting to get stronger; she is working hard towards 100% recovery everyday. To read Amy’s full story, A Dream Revised: Recovery From A Nightmare Hip Replacement.

Dr. Mario Trucillo, PhD is the Managing Editor for the American Recall Center and medical affairs consultant. He has worked as a medical director at various medical marketing and communications agencies, specifically with pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients across numerous therapeutic areas, including: diabetes, cardiovascular disease (stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation, heart failure, CAD), oncology, vaccines and communicable diseases.

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