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Fashion Friday: To Do or Not To Do? Padded Sports Bra

Yoga In HeelsThere’s a new trend in town, and there are padded cups in everything. For a girl who has a large-ish chest, I don’t really know how to approach this. I love it, but I feel like I shouldn’t wear it so I decided to bring it to Fashion Friday and have you guys weigh in.

Sometimes we want to look a little more voluptuous, but is there a line between chesty and too chesty at yoga?

All of the major retailers have added removable cups to their activewear, key word here being removable. I am probably one of the girls who should remove them, but the padding gives great shape, dims your headlights and adds extra support for the girls.  When I wear the padded tops and bras, I find myself having a new air of confidence. My chest is lifted, my head is held high, but after one too many stares, I start to question myself. “What are they staring at? Is it that I’m wearing short shorts and a bra to hot yoga. It‘s hot in here, why not….or are they staring at my chest? IS IT THE BRA?” **Yoga Panic Moment**

I think we all now realize that we aren’t wearing cute yoga clothes to get attention, we are wearing them to make ourselves feel good and promote a healthy body image. We go to yoga to center ourselves and if we aren’t worried about what we look like and are proud of our bodies then we can spend more time focusing on our intentions for the class.

The padded tops and bras have quickly become a #1 product in the activewear industry, but I want to know what you think. Is there a place for padding in yoga tops and bras or should we leave it at Vicky Secret?

In my opinion, as long as it isn’t vulgar and we don’t have any near wardrobe malfunctions, go for it. If the guy next to you can’t stop staring….rethink it.

Looking for tops or bras with padding? Try Rese, Zobha and Tonic. All great brands that have great styles with removable cups.

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2 Responses to “Fashion Friday: To Do or Not To Do? Padded Sports Bra”

  1. Padded bras are a tiresome thing. Natural is best.

  2. Leah says:

    I LOVE the padding. Mostly, I like them because they “dim my headlights,” but also, as a smaller-chested lady, it does give me a little more womanly shape. If ever I wear both a sports bra AND a top, I’m reduced to nothing, so a little padding adds a little quiet confidence 🙂

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