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Fashion Friday: All Creatures Great and Small: Pants For the Leggy and the Not-So-Leggy

Yoga In HeelsFashion Friday by Donna Burke, Atlanta Activewear

I put out a Facebook status and tweet on Monday asking what you all would like to hear about for Fashion Friday and got a bunch of responses! The consensus seemed to be that everyone wants to hear about pants, so here I am with a column about pants…men, keep reading!

If there is one thing other than your bra size you should know, it’s your inseam length. The length of your leg from the top of your inner thigh to the ground. Mine, for example, is 33 ½ inches, my sisters measure in at 5’1” tall with a 32” inseam, 5’3” tall with a 27” inseam, and my brother at 6‘2” tall with a 32“ inseam. WOAH! What a range!

What I’m getting at is we all have different inseam lengths. Just in case you haven’t noticed most pants come in one standard length, usually 32” which involves hemming for a lot of people and the inability to wear those pants for the rest of us.

Here are some options for pants in different inseam lengths, but if your favorite brand doesn’t do lengths just pop over to the dry cleaner and ask them to hem them. It will only cost you $5-$10. Some stores will alter for free, depending on the alteration, but make sure you know your inseam length so if the associate measures incorrectly, you know and don’t get a wonky pair of pants back!

Zobha Atlanta

Zobha Essential Pant: Regular Length 31.5” Long Length 34” Fitted through the hip and drop straight down

atlanta activewear

Zobha Evolve Pant, Petite 29.5” Regular 31.5” Tall 34”; Fitted through the hip and thigh with a bell at the bottom

yoga stores in atlanta

ROGIANI Rolldown Pant; Short, 31" Regular 34" Fitted through the hip, thigh, flared at the bottom. Waistband is adjustable



best yoga stores atlanta

MPG Sport Avert Legging. Three sewn seams on the bottom allow for you to cut below the pre-sewn hems and adjust the leggings to your personal length.


Hey there yoga dudes! I didn’t neglect you!

I know it can be really hard for you to find pants if you don’t have average length legs. Sadly, men’s pants don’t come shorter than a 32” inseam in the activewear world. You need to find a tailor and become buddy-buddy with them…sorry! Don’t be that guy with the too long pants that have ripped at the bottom!

MPG Sport Pants


mens yoga clothes atlanta

Momentum Pant, 34" Inseam




yoga stores for men atlanta

MPG Venture Pant, 34" Inseam


Zobha does not specify inseam lengths, but I’m going to say Regular is 33” and Tall is 36”.


lululemon atlanta

Luluemon Kung Fu Pant, Regular 33", Tall 36"

Pants for all creatures great and small! Having trouble with fit? Check out Atlanta Activewear for a styling session.

Want Fashion Friday everyday? I’m posting everyday on my new site, my Facebook (Yoga in Heels) and my Twitter (@YogaInHeels)!

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