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New School Yogis vs. Old School Yogis, Part I

I’ve noticed, while taking classes all throughout the city that there are some interesting differences between, what I’ll call, the “new school” and the “old school” yogis, and I’m out to determine these notions more “scientifically.”

Before people get upset with me about drawing a line in the sand, I’d like to point out that wisdom is passed down by people-who’ve-been-in-your-shoes for a reason. And that evolution only happens through dead-ends, wrong turns and brilliant realizations. There are benefits and drawbacks to both the new school and the old, but I’m convinced we can learn from each other…if only we can see through each others eyes for a second.

In order, however, to know if I’m not just blowing hot air, I’m conducting a survey of Atlanta yogis to get to know you and your yoga practice a little better. In next week’s post, I’ll share the results of this survey, and maybe draw a few conclusions about us–unique in our practice but united in our yogic community.

I can’t wait for your input!!

Click here to take the New School vs. Old School Yogis survey!!

4 Responses to “New School Yogis vs. Old School Yogis, Part I”

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  2. Katherine Antoine says:

    Being raised Hindu & learning Yoga through my parents first, i can say that i have personally witnessed the difference between old school & new school yoga. Very interesting article. Looking forward to the results.

  3. Katherine Antoine says:

    I could not answer some of the written questions on there. There was no space for writing anything. Bummer, i had great answers!

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