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I Get By With A Little Help from Atlantans!

atlanta yoga sceneA couple of weeks ago, I sent out a short personal message in the weekly newsletter explaining why I hadn’t written a blog post that week. I told the readers how I’ve recently lost balance in my life, somewhere between my “real job,” Atlanta Yoga Scene, my yoga practice and my friends and family. That imbalance led me to ditch my weekly blog post in favor of one of the other areas of my life.

Long story short, I got a TREMENDOUS outpouring of support and ideas, one of which was from my new yogic butt-kicker Natalie who suggested I open the blog up to other yogis in Atlanta to write stuff, to take a little pressure off me, AND be more representative of the community at large.


Okay, okay, so at first, I was whiny and said, “well I tried that before and nobody got back to me…” but then I realized that I can’t just ask once and expect everyone to know about it and instantly offer up every idea they’ve ever had. I actually have to share this far and wide and frequently to expect you to know anything about it!

And now that I’ve been talking about having other writers and opinions more often, I’m getting LOADS of ideas and support!

What’s A-MAZING about yoga is that it is such a personal experience, and everyone has a unique take on virtually every aspect of their practice and lifestyle. I am not representative of the entire Atlanta yoga scene, but you guys are!

So now that I’ve gotten support from my newsletter subscribers, I’m reaching out to my blogging audience.

If you have ever wanted to share:

Your opinions. Your style. Your stories. Your successes. Your struggles. Your “loves.” Your pet peeves. Your breakthroughs. Your favorite teachers. Your favorite scriptures. Your least favorites. Your points of view. Your reviews. Your needs. Your spiritual revelations. Your experience.

You’ll be reaching a community of hundreds of yogis looking for an authentic connection to their yoga lifestyle.

Are you in? Email me at

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