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GONG baby GONG!, by Isabelle Casey

Every new year, goals, weight-loss, and becoming healthier are the buzz conversations that circulate. We are motivated by the beginning of a new year as it is symbolic of a clean slate. We get a chance to start a-new, rekindle old goals, and set new ones. For most, this motivation dies off by month two for many reasons. The most common is we allow our lives to become busy, jaded by the excuses of our commitments when in reality we have full control over everything in our life. Its called the power of choice. We all have the ability to determine what we want to do and when- even when we think we aren’t able to. We create made up limitations that create real-life obstacles that block what could possibly flourish.

Setting goals need to be realistic. Setting goals that are huge are great!! Goals are supposed to be big and challenge us to step up and take ourselves to the next level. When they are big or outside of what we are comfortable with, it can be really exciting. But… the problem is that too often, the goals fall flat. They are way too big! Beyond that, we have habits that hinder and goals aren’t set up so that they are in support of the final result. In other words, there is no process and we get locked into being really comfortable. If you want to run a marathon, you must plan better than buying kick-ass running shoes, marking a date on a calendar, and training in when its convenient. Good luck with that!

With all goals, everything must be in alignment. Having proper alignment involves digging deeper into what you are working towards. If I want to run a marathon, aside from training, I’m going to not just need to create a training schedule, but I will need smaller marker goals to chip away at- 5k, 10k, and so on. In addition to this, I will have to look at my nutrition. If I’m eating garbage all day, my performance will illustrate this. Having support is also key. We can’t go at it alone. Enroll others who have your back. Share your desires so you can be held accountable. Trust me, when you put it something out there that you want to happen, people will remember… especially if your goal was big enough.

Mi familia

One of my goals: visit family a minimum of 3x per year. Check!!

The second point I’ll make is that most goals are set from a limited mind-set tinged with deprivation and or negativity. Food and weight-loss are big goals for many and often focus on what can’t be had versus what can. It creates a sense of loss and can leave a feeling of punishment or exclusion that sets up failure.

Last, envision what you want. Live everyday from the perspective that you have met your goal. A positive plan plus proper alignment is the meaning of manifestation. Without this, its just an illusion in disguise of a goal. This crowds out distractions and helps promote positive behavior, achieving a goal, and often times a bonus of integrating a new habit. Win!

(How adorable are my niece & nephew?!!)

One of my best friends introduced me to the GONG concept, created by the magnificent Drs. Pedram Shojai of the Health Bridge Show. The GONG is a 100 day commitment that helps change habits. Changing habits is the catalyst to shifting behavior to help goals take shape. It doesn’t cost anything, no magic pills, nothing like that.

The way it works… You commit to a list of [positive] things that are in alignment with you- your nature, interests, life, body, mind, and spirit. The list can be anything- sleep, nutrition, self-care routine, reading, cooking, exercising, meditation, massage, drinking water. Sounds simple, right? Here’s the challenge… If you miss any of commitments, you start the GONG over! The reason is because this interferes with the commitment you’ve made to yourself. Too often we aren’t a priority. We pack in full days of work and obligations, but most times, the things we overwhelm ourselves really have nothing to do with taking care of ourselves. This changes that.

I have to say that I am really good with my own self-care routine. I’ve learned over the years through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. Now, my daily life has space for personal time, self care, and a healthy balance of work. That said, there is always room for growth. This year, I am raising the ceiling on my self-care and I’ll share with you my own GONG. Some things on the list are not anything crazy, but are worth it to list as way to help me stay on track and crowd out any detractions. I’m on day 21 with 79 to go. So far, so good!

I hope this inspires you to create realistic goals that through the process, crowd out habits that hold you back. Please leave your comments in below. I’d love to hear from you.

Isabelle Casey


1) Drink 2L Water

2) Stimulants- Coffee and Vino- Weekends only. I find that when I do drink a glass of vino during the week, I          am completely thrown off and coffee dehydrates me and I forget to drink water.

3) Meditate first thing. I have a daily practice, but so often I would get caught up doing other things- dog walk,        email check in, laundry. Now its first thing as my head is clear pallette.

4) Creative daily exercise [outside of daily yoga asana practice]. Walking, hiking, body weight exercises, and         even doing old skool Jane Fonda calisthenics.

5) Read an inspirational blog or article everyday

6) 10 minutes of sunshine daily. When its not, I pretend it is and go out anyway.

7) Read 1 book a month

8) Floss daily

9) Body oiling- morning and night. Before, I only did this at night or after a shower.

10) Monthly massage, colonics, facials, nail and [as needed] hair appointments. I schedule all of these in                 advance so I stay on track… including the colonics!

11) In bed by 10pm, except Friday nights. I stay up as late as 12am sometimes. I know, I know… I’m cRaZy!!

12) No processed food: I mostly make everything from scratch, with the exception of my rice chips. I think I’ll           live without them. 🙂

13) Probiotics everyday: raw sauerkraut. Super easy to make and way better than a supplement!

​14) Be 10 minutes early to appointments​

​15) End yoga classes on time. I’ve fallen into a trap of going 5 minutes over. My excuse is that students come         in late, so I end up starting late. Times are a-changing!

16) An apple a day

Isabelle is the My Yoga Scene owner, Editor, and website volunteer. She also teaches yoga full time- weekly classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and yoga retreats. She is an Ambassador for Asha Patel Designs and KiraGrace. She is also the KiraGrace Warrior Community Director. She spends her free time with her friends, hubby, fur-children and experimenting in the kitchen. More info here: 


5 Responses to “GONG baby GONG!, by Isabelle Casey”

  1. Meredith says:

    Such a neat way to keep yourself accountable to New Year’s goals! I may have to give this a try to make sure I’m accomplishing everything I’ve set. 🙂

  2. Tati says:

    Starting the gong over!? Wowzers it’s like AA or NA and those very obviously work if you put in the work. Here goes! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. Mary Petering says:

    LOVE!!!! Wonderful read… getting ready to get my GONG on! 🙂 *Thank you*

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