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What Our Yoga Teachers Love about the Atlanta Yoga Scene

What I love about practicing yoga in Atlanta is the diversity of styles and teachers. With so many yoga offerings all the time, it is a great place to grow and keep my practice exciting.

But enough about me! I went out and asked some of our finest yoga teachers what they love about practicing and teaching in Atlanta. Even though I asked for just a couple of sentences, our teachers went on at length about the things they love. That can only be a good thing for us students!

–“I’ve been a student and teacher of yoga in Atlanta for over a decade. I love that the Atlanta yoga community still enjoys the mystery and magic of this practice, we haven’t become jaded by a yoga studio on every corner. At the same time, there’s a real inventiveness and depth of wisdom to the teaching here, and an openness and willingness to experience many different styles of yoga. And I love that we celebrate our oneness, our connection, more than our separateness.” –Ursula Nix, Peachtree Yoga Center

–“I love teaching yoga in Atlanta for so many reasons. The people are open-minded, interested in learning, and are all about having fun. I love taking some of the seriousness out of yoga, bringing fun to the mat through fun music and creative flows. Reminding people that laughter is the best medicine, and that imperfections on the mat and off make us stronger better people. Discovering that their fears can be conquered, through the confidence they build on the mat, through accomplishing new depths in their asana practice.  Teaching enables me touch so many different lives, help people work through difficult times in their life, celebrate in their happy times, and revel in their accomplishments.” –Rachel, Be Yoga Atlanta

What better way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city than to practice yoga in one of the cities best natural retreats, Piedmont Park! Set your mat in the sun, soaking in energy and vitamin D, while sweating out toxins, leaving you completely renewed for the days ahead.”–Melanie Snyder, Yoga Club Atlanta

–“Atlanta has a great yoga community. I love teaching here because I find students that come to my classes are hungry for the heart-felt but also alignment-strong approach to yoga that is Anusara. It’s wonderful to see people shift radically in one class. I’m honored really to have brought this school of yoga into the already diverse styles of yoga offered here in Atlanta, and also to see how Anusara yoga is spreading through the city via the Anusara-inspired yoga teachers that have trained in the Immersions I began offering a few years ago. It’s very exciting.” —Gina Minyard

–“One of the things that I love best about the Atlanta yoga scene is the community of yogis. Atlanta seems to have so many great yogis looking for strength and freedom on and off the mat, myself included, that I feel blessed to be a part of it.” —Durgaya, Tough Love Yoga

–“I practice Ashtanga Yoga because it works: it really does help to still my mind, and that gives me space to shake off the fetters of the past and see the world with fresh eyes. I teach in order to help others have the same experience that I did, and because it’s really the only way to repay in some small way the debt I owe to my teachers.” —Scott Carden, Balance Yoga

–“I love watching the yoga scene in Atlanta grow, especially in a suburb like Marietta. The people here have so much heart and a desire to learn. I love being a part of that growth in knowing that yoga is infiltrating small cities everywhere!”—Cindy Olah, Sacred Garden Yoga

–“What I love about teaching yoga in Atlanta is that I am able to follow my passion right here in my home town having taken my first yoga class here in 1973.   What I love about practicing here is being a traveler in my own city, meeting new folks and running into old friends.  I love seeing how yoga has grown in this city.” —Eleanora Lipton, RPE, Atlanta Polarity Center

–“Practicing Yoga for me is a lifestyle, a way of being in my day to day life. Owning our center has made that easier as well as a necessity. You cannot really teach what you do not practice. I love our neighborhood and feel especially blessed with our wonderful students! They inspire me and we continue to grow together! I’m also very grateful to have my husband as a committed partner. Together, we are growing a sangha, a community, and it’s great fun!” –Marti Yura, Vista Yoga

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