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Evolation Yoga Opening. By Matt Porter

As many of you know, there is a new studio opening in Midtown Atlanta. If you did not know that then now you do. What many of you may not know is what Evolation is and who Bryce is. First off, Evolation is the name, not evolution or elevation but Evolation. Say it three times fast, now you got it. Second, Bryce is the guy behind the vision that is Evolation Yoga Atlanta.


The interesting thing about Evolation Yoga Studios is that they appear to be a franchise model but they are far from that in reality. The Atlanta studio is completely Bryce’s vision and what happens at this location is solely based on the needs of the community here in Atlanta. There is complete freedom for the community to create and influence the vision. All this talk about vision, maybe I should define the vision Bryce has for the studio.

“We enjoy the benefits of being part of something larger – pooled knowledge and resources, diverse international network – while maintaining our local creative liberties.”

The vision of Evolation is to create a community space that individuals can gather and practice yoga collectively. That sounds like a PR release but how Bryce and his team will go about this is what makes this studio have the capability to be something very special. Evolation is based on authenticity, from the top down. This practice from Bryce and the teachers enables students to be genuine in their lives as well. There was a lot of time spent selecting teachers from the Atlanta area who would fit the culture Bryce had in mind for the studio.


Authenticity is not just a buzz word that sounds good like “green” or “sustainable,” both of which describe the studio space. This is something that is practiced at all times in the form of feedback, personal growth, and awareness. Bryce discussed how being authentic in his endeavor to open a studio is an extension of his personal practice, the manifestation of years of self study through yoga.

“I want it to be Authentic.”

With a 15 year background in corporate America, Bryce decided it was time to shift his focus and have “a different type of sweat equity.” The shift came in an attempt to “bring about balance” in his life by surrounding himself with people who are “passionate with good energy.” After selling his car and midtown condo, which just so happens to be located a few blocks away from the where the studio is located. It is safe to say that his “lifestyle is healthier, more fulfilling, and well rounded.”


“Yoga enables me to be a better husband and better person.”

I think you can pick up on the overwhelming theme here, AUTHENTICITY. I truly believe that this one word defines the intention and the vision for Evolation. I encourage you to check them out and make your own determination. Go speak with Bryce and the teachers, they are all approachable and open to dialogue. This openness is part of what makes Evolation an experience that empowers individuals to live an authentic life that is set by their own factors and not others.

“We strive to both cultivate and advance a community that is safe, supportive, inclusive, compassionate, and without judgement.”

Check out Evolations web page for a class schedule, teacher line up, and community events.

Monday, December 16th is the Openeing.

Matt Porter

Matt, Sandefur, and Aspen

Matt Porter is on his yoga journey and will be continuing his formal studies under Isabelle Casey & Rachel Goldberg in Be Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training this coming fall. He can often be found riding his bike all over or on his yoga mat. Matt has worked with children and at risk youth for nearly 4 years. It was at one of these programs that he and his wife Sandefur crossed paths. Matt’s desire in life is for those around him to recognize the potential to change and the power to do so.  He is inspired by those who challenge perception and who desire most the connection between individuals.  He believes that all people are capable of changing the world they live by recognizing the people around them as similar and not separate.  We all have a part to play in each others lives, whether we know it or not.  Matt is also passionate about what we put into our bodies.  He identifies strongly with the belief that what we put into our bodies in the form of food directly affects the relationship we have with those around us and the relationship we have with our own bodies.  Matt has recently joined the AYS community in an official manor as Co- Editor.  He is looking forward to this new challenge as well as meeting and building relationships with his fellow yogis here in Atlanta and beyond.  Please contact Matt at

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  1. Bryce says:

    Thanks for the support and kind words Matt 🙂 Really appreciate it!

  2. Sandefur says:

    Great article! Excited to check out this new studio soon!

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