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What is Chair Yoga?

Margo Geller Chair Yoga AtlantaBy Margo Geller
Licensed Clinical Social Worker; certified yoga and chair yoga teacher

I get a lot of questions about chair yoga. What is a class like? What are the benefits? Who is especially well suited for it? I’d like to take this opportunity to explain to everyone what chair yoga is, and why you might like to try it!

What is chair yoga?

Chair yoga is yoga done in a chair or standing and using the chair as a prop for support. It offers more stability than the balancing in the middle of the floor.

chair yoga atlantaWhat are the benefits?

Just like any yoga class, chair yoga can give you more flexibility, physical and mental strength, increased energy, improved memory and clarity, better concentration, improved overall health and peace. Chair yoga (often taught in a circle format) also brings social connection and a sense of community and team building at a company or business setting.

What is a class like?

A chair yoga class is just like any other yoga class. We do a centering, yoga warm ups, yoga exercises and postures, concentration & breathing exercises and guided relaxation and meditation.

Who is chair yoga for?

Those with a physical limitation either brought on by injury or natural causes are especially well suited for chair yoga. Chair yoga postures can also be used in a standard office workspace for people who spend the majority of their day sitting. I currently serve people with physically debilitating illness like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, or an injury concerning the back, knee, shoulder or neck.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact me or check out this YouTube video for office chair yoga,  and this video for people with physical limitations.

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