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It’s A New Year!, by Isabelle Casey






Yep, it’s a new year! With a new year, lots of new things happen. Pretty much everyone we know is motivated to set goals and intentions for the year as well as take on opportunities. I am no exception…

Some of you many know, Leah Manderson, the founder of the Atlanta Yoga Scene, has moved on to enjoy her newlywed life. (Congrats, Leah!). I am now navigating the AYS, and will do my best to carry the torch. This is a new endeavor for me. One, I am no writer, but I love to share and connect with the community. It feels like the right fit. I’m excited to try something new. Something like this that will push me to see what I’m capable of. Bring it on!

Leah with her new hubby!












There will be a few new and exciting changes to the AYS. For one, its not about me and just my perspective. There will be a handful of committed yogis, (teachers & students), from the community contributing to the AYS who will be regular voices here, such as Octavia Raheem, Meryl Bryant Arnett, Reanna Knotts, Mandy Roberts, Rachelle Knowles, Emily Hassman, Marlysa Sullivan, Heather Ambrosi, Todd LaBerge, and more! I’m really excited about this as it takes community to create community.

Winter Solstice Community class with Meryl Bryant Arnett & Octavia Raheem










Another great thing that AYS will be taking a stand for is having integrity around community. The website as you know, is a place to find out what events are happening, shed light on studios and teachers, and create conversation about all things related to the yoga tradition. We feel it is important that this website is a mutual relationship and reflects what community is. In order to for the AYS to support you, your studio, yourself as a teacher, we will be upholding core values that are essential to building community.

We will be relaunching the mission statement of the AYS to incorporate what we feel is important to foster community. Here are some examples of what you should expect to find in the future AYS mission statement:
1. Studios offer community classes.
2. Teachers volunteer and teach community classes.
3. All who are posted on the AYS are in harmonious relationships with the greater community and fully committed to elevate each other.
4. We all support each other’s events! (Studios support their teachers and other studios- yep, it can happen!).











Since we’re talking goals and intentions, I’ll share my personal one for this year… to be vulnerable. I’m pretty sure taking on a living, breathing, established website will be the prescription to do this. What is your intention for the year? Please share in the comments! Lets make them happen together and make our community even better! Cheers to 2013! This year will be great, I can feel it!

In gratitude,




24 Responses to “It’s A New Year!, by Isabelle Casey”

  1. Isvari says:

    Very happy to see this come alive again. Thank you for stepping up. Let me know how I can help!
    Happy 2013.

  2. Isabelle, I’m so glad you’re carrying the AtlantaYogaScene torch! Way to go! Thank you for maintaining this awesome asset to our community!
    My intention this year is to remember to SHARE the love that I FEEL. I hope you feel it coming your way!

  3. Lakshmi says:

    Awesome to have AYS back in action! My intention for 2013 is to simply be, to submit completely to the present moment with the total faith that it will guide me to say/do the right thing, whatever it may be.

    Here’s to a year of wisdom, love, laughter, meditation and knowledge.

  4. Julie says:

    The ATL yoga scene is in some pretty rad hands!!!
    My intention is Presence and Balance.

  5. Meghan says:


    This makes my heart smile! Such a perfect thing for you to take over, you are amazing!!!!

    My intention for 2013 is LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and LEADERSHIP.

    I am out to lead others through connecting peoples mind-body-spirit, helping them define what fitness means to them, educating them on holistic practices and inspiring them to live life powerfully and live a life they love!

  6. Marlysa says:

    I am very excited about these ideas and intentions. I know I am out of town a lot, but the atlanta community is so amazing and special to me, I want to be part of anything that brings us closer. I hope that we all can find the connections underneath this year and work together to create a strong, vibrant, connected yoga community!!

  7. Rachelle says:

    I’m so excited that you’ve opened up a space for us ALL to be vulnerable and celebrate our love for yoga together! I’m excited to see what lies ahead for 2013 🙂

  8. Octavia says:

    Izzy, keep visioning, listening, reflecting, and walking in the light that is absolutely yours! My intention this year is to “create”. To dance on the less tamed side of my imagination and feed my inner “crayon to the wall” poetry on napkins, sing cause i’m feelin’ it self. I am looking forward to sharing many many creations with you and our community this year via this medium and those yet to be revealed.

  9. So excited for AYS to return 🙂

    This year is going to be about BALANCE for me.

  10. Mandy says:

    Thank you for being a beacon. I look forward to great things within our community! Much LOVE!

  11. Heather says:

    Thank you Isabelle for starting the year off right with this blog and I am honored to be a part of ATL Scene and writing! My Intention for 2013 is “Patience”! Coming into this year with a new enlightening feeling in my body after my hip surgery (which will be a blog here soon)I realize patience is important to me this year for several reasons (which people will read more about soon)!
    Looking for a community filled 2013!

  12. M Pie says:

    Welcome! Looking forward to what ’13 will bring:)

  13. Reanna says:

    Super excited to be a part of this community group. Great blog on being vulnerable! Xoxo

  14. Shavonna says:

    Congrats Isabelle! I’m excited to see Atlanta Yoga Scene back on the scene! My personal goal for 2013 also includes vulnerability and commitment to discipline.

    peace + blessings,

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