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108×108: An Atlanta Yogi’s Guinness Book of World Records Attempt!

longest yoga marathon

Colette Evers contacted me recently with the most attention-grabbing email subject line I’ve ever had the pleasure of receiveing: “Guinness Book of World Records Attempt for yoga.” I just HAD to interview her to get the scoop. Also, read to the end to see how YOU can get involved too!

1. So tell us your yoga story. How did you find the practice and where are you in your journey?

Well… I took my first yoga class while at the American College Dance Festival nine years ago. I was a dance major at Brenau University and loved yoga as a way to stretch out after long, tough ballet rehearsals. As I got away from ballet over the years, I noticed how intrigued I had become with yoga and decided to commit to a few classes a week at Colony Square Athletic Club, where I was Assistant Manager. The owners noticed my passion for the practice and helped me find a certification program. I couldn’t be more grateful to them or to any of the other wonderful people I’ve met thus far on this journey. I know I’m doing exactly what I should be with my life and there’s no better feeling than that! As for where I am on the journey, I know there’s quite a bit I have to learn and experience. I just try to keep an open mind of constant gratitude for everything and everyone I am lucky enough to encounter!

2. What inspired you to undertake this challenge–108 sun salutations over 108 days?

108 is a very inspirational number to me… 108 beads on a mala, the sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth, the average distance of the moon from the earth is 108 times its’ diameter, 108 Upanishads, 108 lines of energy form the heart chakra… and on and on. So I figured a great way to train would be to do something difficult (and had heard of quite a few yogis doing 108 salutations on the solstice or equinox) for an extended period of time. Thus, the 108×108 project was born!

3. Did you originally set out to make this a world-record setting goal?

I did. I’ve always wanted to break a record and actually began down this path by suggesting it to someone else who decided it wasn’t something they were interested in. I was looking up martial arts records for them and began wondering about a record I could break as well. A few googles later, and here I am attempting the Longest Yoga Marathon (Female) record which is currently at 32 hours!
4. What do you hope results from the challenge?

I hope to have a deeper appreciation for my practice as a teacher and as a perpetual student. I’ve heard about the benefits of participating in an extended practice and am looking at the training (the 108×108 project) as a great cleanse mentally and physically. I’ve also been writing about the journey which has been very freeing. You can find my blog and other details about the event through my site at

5. How can others get involved to either support you or salute the sun with you?

I welcome anyone who’d like to practice with me to contact me through my website! It’ll be April 21-22 at Colony Square Athletic Club in Midtown. I definitely need about 50 people to come verify the record for me (in short timekeeping shifts only) and I’m going to need a certified yoga teacher there at all times (in short shifts as well) so please contact me if you’re available to help! If you can’t physically be there, another great way to show support is through donations to my chosen charity, the Atlanta Humane Society. You can donate through my secure site by clicking here . My new rescue puppy and I would be forever grateful as would all the other little ones at the shelter! Thank you for all your support and I look forward to making this an amazing, fun memorable event with the deepest gratitude to everyone involved.