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5 Steps to a Serene Sleep, by Sam Butterworth

This article comes from Sam Butterworth at Homemaker Bedding, who recently created an in-depth guide How to Get to Sleep. There’s nothing more frustrating than when sleep – that primal necessity for all of us – becomes an elusive luxury. Having a hectic schedule and a busy brain can take its toll on the amount

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The Dirty Side of Yoga, by Hannah Hilton

Yoga has a dirty side to it. Filth can contaminate even one of the most spiritual practices you could ever stumble upon. Yoga is about the union of your mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to find peace within yourself. You allow your ego to diminish as you tap in to the truth, the divine,

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Featured Yogi: Vishwa Kumar

vishwa madrid

This week’s Featured Yogi is Vishwa Kumar, who’s currently in Marietta, GA and is a native of India. Vishwa mostly practices at home, but said, “if I need to go a studio, I like practicing at Peachtree Yoga Center.” Vishwa has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and has sporadically taught yoga for more than

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Post-baby Body Love, by Marni Sclaroff

Marni smiling

I hear so many women speak about how they want their “pre-baby body back”, after they’ve been pregnant and have given birth. I often think about this and I’d like to share my perspective in case it is useful for anyone. I am pretty sure that you will never ever get your pre baby body

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Good Karma Holiday Gift Guide, by Isabelle Casey

Tis the season and some of you may still be holiday shopping for the yogi in your life. If you are at a loss for ideas, I’ve created a list of good karma suggestions that will leave you with more time for yourself, for your loved ones, and having given meaningful gifts. Everything on this

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