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Want to write for My Yoga Scene? We welcome blogs from everyone in the community, and we accept blogs around a variety of topics. Think we’d like to hear what you have to say – you’re right! Use the form below to submit your blogs and be featured on our website, in our newsletter and on all of our social media handles.

At My Yoga Scene, we practice ahimsa (non-violence), and will not accept blog submissions from anyone engaging in behavior that violates this practice. This includes any ill-will of any sort on the MYS website, anywhere on social media, written and/or verbal forms. We reserve the right to refuse partnership with anyone in violation of Ahimsa.

**Please note that My Yoga Scene reserves the right to edit any and all material submitted for publishing on our website. All blog submissions must be original content that is specifically for our site, and must not appear anywhere else online. If you’d like to also tease about your blog, please include a link back to the original posting on My Yoga Scene, with phrasing, “Read the full article, entitled, ‘___________’ on the My Yoga Scene Blog.”


Blog Submission

  • Please provide your full name for your blog submission.
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  • Please include your website, if you have one.
  • Please paste your blog submission into this box.
  • Please provide a short biography about yourself for MYS to use with your blog submission. Your bio should be approximately 5-10 sentences briefly describing yourself.
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