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Wanderlust: Yoga in the City Review

I’ve made it a point not to do ‘reviews’ of classes, workshops, teachers, etc. simply because I think yoga is intensely personal AND that I don’t want to offend anyone–teacher, student, or otherwise. In the case of Wanderlust, however, I’m going to do a little review. Because I loved every minute. Intensely.

Wanderlust was surrounded with a lot of questions. People were confused about when to show up, how many classes there would be, why studios were the only partners, why is was free, etc.  We were all wondering what exactly would go on, who would show up, what the master class would be like and what sort of brutal weather we might endure.

Basically, we were confused.

But upon showing up to the field at the Promenade, it all made sense. It was just a community gathering of yogis. Teachers, studio owners and students all gathered in one spot to chat, see old friends, make new friends, and spread the yogi love. I was very surprised by the fact that while we were sectioned off into “studio” areas, that the field was just a buzzing, humming, fully alive group of people chatting all over the place!

And, after an hour of love, we found our studio families and gathered for a unity practice, in what could have been the first experience of it’s kind in our city.

There have been more than a couple efforts to get this to happen before, but this was one of the most complete.

Graham and Ursula from Peachtree Yoga Center shared a mindful, heart-opening class fit for any level, from those ready to throw handstands into their vinyasas, all the way to those who took child’s pose at the same time.

In a final demonstration of love and solidarity, everyone in the class faced inwards towards each other for a heartfelt ‘Namaste.’

Share with me, what were your impressions? What did you love? How did you like the class? Leave me a comment!

4 Responses to “Wanderlust: Yoga in the City Review”

  1. Gary B Jones says:

    Thursdays are usually bad for me and I found myself working too late to get to Peidmont Park from Norcross. However, having known that I subbed for another teacher who did attend the festival. So I felt like I played at least a small part. And thanks to Mark Dupuis I did get a chance to see pictures of some of the people who I attended teacher training with this past fall and winter. I miss them all and I miss Graham and I really miss Ursula. How many chair postures did you guys have to do? Thanks Leah, you and Atlanta Yoga Scene Rock.

  2. I have to admit, the whole set up and previous handling of the event was a bit confusing. I was utterly confused by what exactly was going on. I thought we’d hear more music and be doing yoga to the music provided. I expected something at the end of all of the event as well, like more about yoga. I came from Suwanee, GA. I arrived late. But I made it to yoga class. I had no idea a payment was necessary for parking and was not prepared for this. But somehow we parked at the perfect spot to make it to class quickly. My family and I found a spot in the back of the crowd. I found being back there was extremely difficult to hear Graham and Ursula throughout the practice. I did not find that it was that bad for me to understand them, but I did see many people get up and leave. Even my husband became a bit agitated because of this. My kids, 5 and 3, enjoyed themselves too.
    Despite somethings that were not “perfect”, my overall experience was a great one. The class was great. Graham and Ursula gave wonderful directions and a beautiful yoga practice. My overall reaction is nothing but satisfaction. I will certainly do this again.

  3. Katie says:

    Wanderlust was a unique situation where we had a large group with a small family dynamic. Ursula and Graham did an brilliant job at creating a class suited for eveyrones’ taste, style and experience, which is not an easy task, especially with such a large group. The ‘Namaste’ at the end was very powerful and although I am sucker for the Vinyasas, it was my favorite part! I agree with the fact that there were a lot of unanswered questions and confusion going on in my head before the event, but when I showed up everything was clear, well organized and completely fell into place. There was a warmth that made me feel at home and I knew this was going to be a day I will never forget.

    Another invaluable part about yesterday is that I was able to introduce the practice to a friend who has never done yoga before in her life. I assured her there is no judgment to worry about and to just have fun with it by doing her own practice. She ended up having a wonderful experience and cannot wait to go to a yoga class again! It was a priceless gift to give someone the gift of appreciating yoga.

    Thank you Leah for everything you did and for keeping everyone informed with the event!

  4. Kristen says:

    Totally hate that I missed it (was teaching a weekly corporate class at the time)!

    I’m glad you mentioned the confusion, as some of my students asked about it too, and I could only give them a few basics (“Big outdoor class in the park and maybe some music or food or something…go, be open, and report back!”).

    Thanks for sharing!!

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