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Fashion Friday: How To Wear Patterns and Look Your Best!

Happy Fashion Friday everyone! I hope you are all dressed fabulously in your finest activewear! Tweet me pics of your outfits @YogaInHeels #activechic! Here’s my #activechic outfit from last Friday’s drive to the Savannah Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon:

Splits59 Coco Tank, Zobha Asymmetrical Pullover, ROGIANI rolldown pants, Highstreet Circle Scarf, and Steve Madden Leopard Moccasins


Holiday shipments are coming in, and with the holidays are coming tons and tons of great yoga gear in patterns. Patterns are very difficult to wear as they draw attention to you and whatever part of your body they are on. I love a good pattern, I even love mixing patterns but you have to be REALLY careful with patterns and your body. Here’s a list of rules to make sure you look your best in any crazy pattern!

1. Stay away from big patterns, like large flowers. No matter how small you are, the bigger the pattern is, the bigger you look. Steer towards abstract patterns or something a little more tame, like polka dots or something tonal (same color)

Bad: Big Flowers. Good: MPG Zebra print tank!

                              2. The area with the pattern will ALWAYS appear larger than it is. Because of this, keep the patterns away from your “problem areas”. Big belly? Don’t wear a full patterned top. Big booty? Don’t wear patterned leggings. Big arms? Don’t wear patterned sleeves. Big Boobs? Don’t cover the girls with a pattern.

Same Model, two different tops. She looks much more petite in option 1. (ZOBHA Grace 2.0 and Scarlet)

3. NEVER wear patterned pants. I’m sorry, patterned yoga pants are a tragic happening to the world, even if they just have big flowers down the leg. 1993 has come and gone, so should those pants.

I know, you are laughing to yourselves and thinking that these are fake. But these are REAL yoga pants, current season, travesty to society.

4. Use patterns as an accent, not an attention getter! Basically, wear patterns sparingly. (Unless you are trying to be fierce, like Christian Siriano from Project Runway). Use patterns to highlight your greatest features and distract from your least favorite ones. Too much pattern can ruin any outfit and make even Heidi Klum look like a clown.

5. NEVER wear the same pattern from head to toe. I think this should go without being said, but I have seen it before and if you read my 10 secrets on, you know I wanted to ambush that woman, Stacy and Clinton style.

Oy vey, this is how the designer would like you to wear this outfit. Don’t do it!

Those are the cardinal rules for wearing patterns, and yes tie dye is considered a pattern! Next time you think a patterned item is cute, stop and try it on. Ask yourself, “Does it highlight my best areas?” Yes? BUY IT! No? Put it back….even if it is 70% off.

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