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Ask the Yogis: What First Brought You to Yoga?

Amy Ippoliti, international Anusara teacher extraordinaire recently posted on her Facebook fan page: “What first brough you to the yoga mat?”

It really got me thinking. I remember my first class vividly–it was a power yoga class in Athens, with a teacher who still reigns as my “favorite,” guiding me through a sweaty, dynamic, uplifting practice that left me feeling completely and utterly at peace with my chaotic life. But that’s not really the question.

Why on earth did I decide to try yoga??  I didn’t know any yogis, I didn’t have a single idea about what a yoga class would be like, and the place was just about as far across town as I could have reasonably driven for it being in the same city.

I think if I boil it down, it was pure, unadulterated curiosity. I had a yearning to peek behind the somewhat veiled curtain around yoga. What are all of the poses? What do they do? Will the teacher ask me to meditate? Am I entering a secret society? Is this some path toward nirvana or enlightenment? Will yoga change me?

While those questions sound deep, I felt a more playful curiosity around them. In my first class, I carried that playful attitude toward myself and the practice.

Now, when I reach times of frustration with yoga and the whole universe of opinions, ideas, teachers, etc., I try to remember what drew me in in the first place–and often I’m back to good in no time.

3 Responses to “Ask the Yogis: What First Brought You to Yoga?”

  1. Lauren says:


    Was your first yoga teacher, in Athens, Kathy Jackson? She was mine, and she’s an all-time favorite.

    • Leah says:

      Hi Lauren,

      My first teacher was Kendall who taught at what used to be Athens Power Yoga. I don’t know what it was about her classes but they brought me such deep peace.

      So good to know I have a kindred spirit from the Athens yoga scene 🙂

  2. Chica says:

    My parents were the first to bring yoga to my attention. They never pushed it on me, but i was aware they were really into it my whole life. When i was 13, my mother gave me a copy of “The Sivanananda Companion to Yoga”. She said i should check it out. I did, and went to my first yoga class before i even finished the book. Been a yogi since. Thanks mom!

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