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Lessons From The Little People, by Julie Eubanks

I originally wanted to write about all the things I’m teaching or hoping to teach my children. But, then I realized that being a mother has and continues to be the biggest learning experience of my life. So, in “High Fidelity” style, I’ll deliver my All Time Top 5 Lessons I’m learning from my children. (Emphasis on learning versus learned!).

Thomas, Charlotte, & Vivienne

Thomas, Charlotte, & Vivienne


Be creative. Watching kids at play is fascinating. In an instant they can turn books into surfboards and couches into pirate ships. Every stick becomes a sword, magic wand or drumstick. A cardboard box can turn into hours of imaginative play. Whatever they have is enough. Wow! Creative problem solving at it’s very best. They remind me to stop focusing on what I don’t have and that sometimes all I need is to take some glitter glue to the empty boxes in my life and create something magical!


‘life is what happens while you’re busy

making other plans’


Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012


Be patient. Typical day, I’m rushing to leave the house and I have to wait for the 4 yr old who insists that he can put on his inside-out-coat on all by himself. And then the 2 yr old dirties her diaper as I buckle her into the carseat. And just when I think I’ll only be 10 minutes late, the 6 yr old, running, scrapes her knee and absolutely will not be consoled until a Barbie bandaid has been applied. And so it goes. But, that 4 yr old boy needs to find his independence. And that almost 7 yr old girl is longing to be nurtured and loved even though she’s not the baby anymore. I continually have to remind myself to be patient and not to try to rush them through their or my own life. Even the little delays are meant to be enjoyed.


My pup, Charlotte

My pup, Charlotte


Be happy. I love to wake up my baby girl, Vivienne,  in the morning. She always wakes up with a smile like she’s just so happy to be alive for another day. I’m learning to laugh at myself. To beg for a reason to be tickled. To laugh out loud and often. And most importantly, that a good hug goes a long way to make everything better.

Be present. I can only speak for my kids, but they do not multitask. They are completely absorbed in every activity as they are doing it. If they are working on a puzzle, nothing I say will register until it is finished. If they are playing outside, they are not thinking about what they will eat for lunch. And if it’s not happening today, it’s not on the radar. They truly live in the moment. How freeing that must be! (Maybe that goes back to number 3?!) I’m learning to take my life one moment at a time too. Afterall, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

Be forgiving. I’ve saved the hardest one for last. I think a lot of parents have that one child that reminds them so much of themselves. That can be very challenging if you don’t particularly like yourself. Or more specific, don’t like those character traits that are so mirrored in your child. The traits that you’ve worked your whole life to “fix”. And because you love your child, you find yourself wanting to “fix” them. And that’s really not fair. Your child is not you. And the things you may be trying to “fix” may be the qualities that will turn them into the amazing person they were born to be. I’m learning to forgive and love myself. And in doing so, I’m loving my children more for who they are and not for who I think they should be.








I said before the emphasis was on, ‘learning’, and not ‘lessons learned’. What can I say? I’m a work in progress. And I will love every minute of the process! Namaste! – Julie

Julie Eubanks

Julie Eubanks began her journey into yoga in 1999 as a way to shed her, “freshman fifteen”. It was love from the first down-dog. She discovered that her time on the mat offered safety, solace, surrender and a time to connect spiritually. It was her touchstone throughout the years as she went from a single engineer working in Chicago, to happily married, stay-at-home mother of three living in the South. Julie’s classes focus on creating confidence and personal authenticity. Her desire is to demonstrate that yoga is available to everyone regardless of body-type, gender, religion, or otherwise. She is an AFPA certified yoga instructor and has been teaching since 2009. She has studied with Baron Baptiste and is currently completing her 200RYT through the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute. Julie is also co-owner of Be Yoga on the historic Marietta Square.






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