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Welcome to Fashion Friday at Atlanta Yoga Scene!

I am Donna Burke, Assistant Buyer, Stylist, and Blogger for Atlanta Activewear located in Virginia Highland, and your new Fashion Columnist at Atlanta Yoga Scene! You can follow me here and all over the web at the Atlanta Activewear blog, on Twitter (@YogaInHeels), and on the Atlanta Activewear Facebook page.

About My Yoga Practice:

My Yoga Goal: Be able to touch my toes outside of a hot yoga room
Currently Obsessed with:
Power Classes at Atlanta Hot Yoga
Favorite Classes:
Free classes at Atlanta Activewear, they are so laid back and diverse
One Thing Yoga Has Taught Me:
It’s always about you and your intention, same goes for life.
I Want To:
Favorite Pose:
Savasana 🙂

My Style Background:

There isn’t a day that goes by that doesn’t call for a fashion moment, and I am here to help you bring those fashion moments to your yoga routine. So, I come to you and AYS with my finger on the pulse of everything active and activewear! From Chanel sneakers to Zobha leggings, I know what’s in and what’s out for the yoga scene in Atlanta…and where you can find it.

I have always been into fitness and fashion, but because Atlanta didn’t have a great activewear industry in the past, the two lived separately in my life. In 2009, my sister, Danielle, opened Atlanta Activewear filled to the brim with the best independent activewear brands in the industry. I jumped aboard as her right hand woman and my fitness and fashion worlds collided in a huge way.

We used our knowledge of European fashion and took our collections to the next level, making them different than the Nike and Adidas mainstream world. We decided that we would always carry unique pieces and different brands to encompass every body type from a size 00 to a size 24. Fashion isn’t the same for everyone, and we make it a functional extension of you and your lifestyle.

Fashion Friday Preview:

These posts to come! Comment below if you have any other things you’d love to hear about!

  • The PERFECT pant for your shape
  • High Rise, Mid Rise, or Low Rise: Which one works best for you?
  • Shorts That Won’t Ride Up
  • Headbands That Don’t Fall Off
  • Big Legs or Twig Legs: What Looks Best on You
  • Support Your Girls! Best Tanks for our Big Busted Friends
  • I’ve Got Nothing! Best Tanks for our Flat Chested Friends
  • …and lots more!

These topics may sound funny, but we all have something we struggle with. So here’s to our inner glamazon!

Yoga has never looked so good!

3 Responses to “Welcome to Fashion Friday at Atlanta Yoga Scene!”

  1. Emma C. says:

    I love Atlanta Activewear and I am so excited to read these posts! Thanks for expanding, Atlanta Yoga Scene!

  2. Donna says:

    Great Suggestions, Alec! Love the accessories one! Leah posts yoga events every day on her Facebook Fan Page (Atlanta Yoga Scene), but I can look around for sales for the discount divas out there!

  3. Alec says:

    Cannot wait to read more! I look forward to reading the variety of future blog posts…seems like there will be something for everyone. Another post could feature activewear accessories such as cool/different water bottles, yoga mats, gym bags, shoes, etc. Another one could be about different events happening in Atlanta. (Maybe even feature events, discouts, etc happening for the upcoming week since this posts on a Friday) Just some suggestions! Can’t wait for next Friday!

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