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Selfie Promo Yoga; Its The New [Yoga] Black, by Isabelle Casey

The following reposted article by Brian DeGregory is from a Facebook post that my friend and fellow yoga teacher collegue, Jane Green Battisson posted. Jane, thank you for braving the critical Facebook world with this bold post as when posts like this show up, many recede and or get defensive, [because its the truth]. This is a […]

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Featured Yogi: Rebecca Galla

This week’s Featured Yogi is Rebecca Galla from Balance Yoga, located at 1213 Dalon Road, Atlanta, GA 30305. We chatted with Rebecca to get more information about her, her yoga practice and some of her absolute favorite things! She informed us that Balance Yoga recently moved to their new location near the Morningside/Virginia Highlands in the Zonolite […]

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Southeastern Yoga Conference: Review

Much of this past week has sped past as if in a blur – even my yoga classes seemed to go by too quickly. However, I was able to slow down on Sunday, and attended the Southeast Yoga Conference for one of the final workshops of the conference. Held at the W Midtown, it was […]

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Featured Yogi: Amber Barry of Westside Yoga

Here at My Yoga Scene, you may notice that we’ve made some big changes around the website, especially with the addition of a Festivals & Events page and our Shop (if you haven’t checked it out, take a look and keep checking back since we’ll be regularly adding new products). We’ve freshened up the overall […]

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Get Your Greens this Thanksgiving by Jackie Dominas

Greens are the biggest food category missing in American’s diets. Most yogis get more greens than the average American and are stereotyped for drinking green smoothies and juices.  We drink green smoothies and juices because we are wise yogis. As you move into this busy time of year, it’s important to keep your intake of […]

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The Messy Part About Letting Go, by Miriam Jameson

It has been two months since the launch events of Miriam’s Heartbeat, and I am still attempting to wrap my mind around the depth of my experience. For three days in a row, beautiful souls gathered at Lift Yoga Studio in Alpharetta, Georgia: men and women, mothers and fathers, teenagers and the young at heart, […]

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